Sodalis Pharma-Solutions is an continuing education company that targets the field of pharmacy. Acting as an intermediary between pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies, Sodalis Pharma-Solutions offers specialized educational solutions in the form of activities. After doing the activities, the pharmacists gain access to various tools for them and their patients.

Focused on simplifying scientific literature for pharmacists, Sodalis Pharma-Solutions is known for its practical content that is appreciated by its audience.

Founded in 2013, this young and dynamic company relies on the SACS/LEAF TM structure that is gaining more and more followers in the pharmacist community.

Our mission : To facilitate the integration of pharmaceutical information into the pharmacist’s daily practice.

Sodalis Pharma-Solutions: The meaning behind the name

Sodalis is a Latin word meaning member. Created by pharmacists, for pharmacists, Sodalis Pharma-Solutions has joined the pharmacist community as a proactive colleague showing understanding towards their reality.

Sodalis also means companion in Latin. With a good understanding of their practice, Sodalis Pharma-Solutions is able to develop continuing education that accompanies pharmacists through each stage of their learning.

Olivier Consolante


Sophia Carlucci


Gino Consolante


Pierre Lucier, B.Sc, Phm

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